Stoven® – Hardwood Pellet-Fired Conversion for Kettle Barbecue Grills

The Stoven provides you a more affordable way to hardwood pellet barbecue compared to other pellet-fired grills with the same cooking area. You will definitely enjoy the benefits of locking in your food's natural juices and adding a hint of hardwood smoke flavoring to your meals.

Converting any 22 1/2 inch kettle grill to a Stoven Hardwood Pellet-Fired Grill is simple and easy by attaching our patent-pending Hopper/Blower ring assembly and Leg Stabilzer unit to lower section of the kettle. The kettle's lid is then placed on top of the Stoven ring assembly completing the conversion.

Simple and safe to operate, the Stoven pellet burner cooks food evenly by means of convection airflow created inside the kettle. The Stoven also allows you to control the internal temperature from a low of 185 degrees up to 450 degrees – providing you the flexibility for all types of grilling and oven baking.

No Charcoal, Propane or Gas Required
• No Hot Coals to Dispose
• Easy Manual Lighting
• Take It Anywhere

Clean up is a breeze as the hardwood pellets burn so cleanly that there remains only a sprinkling of ash. Because the Stoven operates on 12V DC as well as 110V AC, the grill can be taken virtually anywhere... bringing the very best in backyard grilling to just about any occasion. Plus, since there aren't any hot coals to hassle with, you simply turn off the Stoven – and within minutes you'll be ready to pack it up and go!

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Stoven® Hardwood Pellet-Fired Grill Conversion Unit**
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12V DC Car Lighter Plug Power Cord
Leg Stabilizer Assembly**
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The Secret in The Design:

The unique design of our Patented Burner Conversion Assembly is the key to the Stoven's outstanding retrofit design converting any 22 1/2 inch Kettle to operate on hardwood pellets. Sold commercially through the Internet or at selected local retailers, these hardwood pellets are loaded into a side-mounted hopper box that stays cool to the touch throughout the entire barbecuing operation.

Hidden within the pellet hopper is an induction fan that forces ducted air around a perforated stainless steel firepot. Once initially ignited, the Stoven control module sequentially dispenses gravity-fed pellets down a chute to the firepot creating a continuous, sustainable, adjustable-temperature pellet burner. The amount of pellets that are fed into the metal shoot per minute – and consequently the temperature setting within the Stoven – is controlled by a small electric drive motor, also hidden within the pellet hopper... the true "heart" of the Stoven.
A Heat Diffuser tray completes the ring assembly and when combined with the airflow the blower fan is creating within the grill, it turns the Stoven into a remarkable and portable convection oven and barbecue grill that cooks your food to perfection without the burnt taste of direct flaming!

*Shipping & Handling extra.
The $349 sales price is for the Stoven grill conversion unit and leg stabalizer assembly only. Kettle not included.
**Minor assembly required.

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