Support Documents – Lighting and Operating Instructions

  1. With the Fan Switch and the Pellet Control Knob in the “Off” position, insert the Power Cord into the Stoven and then to the Power Source. Add American Sundancer Brand Hardwood Pellets to the Hopper and close lid. Do not operate the Stoven with the Hopper Lid open.

  2. Remove from the Kettle Base the Cooking Grill, Heat Diffuser Tray, and Firepot (remove any ash or leftover pellets from Firepot before starting).

  3. With cool Firepot in hand:
    • Add a large pinch of Starter Sawdust (up to, but not covering the side holes of the Firepot) and then add several drops of charcoal lighter fluid on top; or
    • Place several pieces of Wax-Coated Starter Chips in the Firepot; or
    • Cover the bottom of the Firepot with several crushed pellets then apply a few drops of charcoal lighter fluid.
    Warning: Do not use gasoline or other highly flammable fluid for this step. Never attempt to squirt flammable fluid onto a hot firepot or a firepot already burning or serious injury may result!

  4. After placing the Firepot back into its’ receptacle, Ignite the Firepot with an extension lighter or long match and immediately turn on the Fan Switch. Place the Diffuser Tray back in place and sprinkle 15 +/- pellets directly underneath Diffuser Tray Handle. This is for added smoke flavor!

  5. Turn “On” the Pellet Control Knob between 3 and 4 and place the Cooking Grill back in its position. Put on Kettle Lid and make sure
    Kettle Lid Vent and Kettle Base Vents are in the closed position.

  6. After 4 to 6 minutes you are ready to cook (approx. 275° - 300°). Adjust Pellet Control Knob setting up or down to reach desired temperature.

  7. To Shut Down turn off the Pellet Control and leave the Fan running for 10 – 15 minutes to consume remaining dispensed pellets.

Note: Pellet Control settings above “6” should only be used to stoke the flame and not as a setting for cooking, for best results.

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