Stoven Accessories, Hardwood Pellets, and Kettle Barbecues

The following accessories are currently available ONLY by warehouse pickup in the Sacramento, California region offered through this Website. BEFORE you place and pay for your item, please get confirmation by email for product availability and scheduling your warehouse pickup. Please send an email to "" stating your product request; your name and phone number, and a representative will call you to arrange.

All Natural Hardwood Pellets – No Additives!

All Natural BBQ Pellets offer a quick and easy way to add delicious natural flavors to any meal. Impress your family and friends by adding original smoked flavoring to your next BBQ.

  • Can be used with all outdoor BBQ grills.
  • 100% Natural, made from virgin hardwoods.
  • Packaged in 20# bags.
American Hickory: Rich, smoky flavor for a bacon-like taste on all meats.
Texas Mesquite: Strong, tangy flavor for red meats with a rich campfire taste.
Cascade Alder: Mild flavoring with a hint of sweetness for seafood and poultry.

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