The Hardwood Pellet-Fired Conversion Attachment for 22.5“Kettle Barbecue Grills

Simple and safe to operate, by cooking with the kettle lid on and all kettle vents closed, the Stoven Pellet Hopper/Burner Conversion when retrofitted to a standard 22.5” kettle grill cooks food evenly through our patented convection oven airflow technology. With the Stoven, you can cook and bake anything you would normally cook on a grill or in an oven – with temperatures ranging from 185º to 450º – that's why it's called the "Stoven."

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Lemon and Herb Salmon Rub
Stoven Chicken and Steaks
Smoked "Take and Bake" Pizza
Stoven Shrimp-Kabobs

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No Charcoal or Gas required.
The Stoven uses 100% all-natural hardwood pellets which burn so clean there is virtually no ash residue; no lengthy start-up times or hot coals to dispose of like charcoal; and are much safer to store, transport, and ignite compared to gas or propane... protecting the environment and keeping your food healthy while locking in their natural flavors.

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